Flying Fox 10: Sunday 5th November 2017

This event was first held in 2003. It’s a hilly ten–mile event usually always with a big puddle on the course. It’s part of the North Staffs Road Runners Association annual programme. It’s run on lovely, scenic but quiet lanes around the small village of Standon in rural Staffordshire. The race starts 600 metres uphill from Standon School and the race finishes at Standon School where there are biscuits, coffee and tea. This year’s winners were:


1. Simon Myatt, Trentham R.C. 54.33

2. Carl Moulton, Boalloy Running Club 54.53

3. Scott Minshall, Trentham R.C. 57.40


1. Kristina Derries, Stone Masters Marathoners 1.03.35

2. Joanne Bentley, Stone Masters Marathoners 1.08.24

3. Lindsay Dixon, Newcastle Staffordshire A.C. 1.09.18

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Centurion Grand Prix 5 mile Series. 5/11/2017

This is a fantastic series of six races, each covering 5 miles. They take place on the first Sunday of each month. The event doesn’t start until 11.00am, so it allows everyone time to have a “sleep in” and the ground and air to warm up since it takes place in the colder months. The Centurion Grand Prix is known for a fast course, lots of prizes, including all the raffle prizes (free to the runners) and a memento to all runners at the final race. Today, was a good day weather wise and the course was fast as always because it is flat and run on park path and trails. After we finished we walked back to have a lovely hot cup of tea and waited for the highlight of the day……how many of us are going to win something in the raffle. We watched the prize giving was first, 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall and 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the V40 Vets this week. The prizes are always money. In the raffle, the numbers kept being called out and people kept collecting wine, more wine, more wine, memento ‘s, nope no win for us today. Maybe next month.