Meet Winninglane

We have been researching, consulting and publishing since 1995 and based in Lichfield in the Midlands. We have worked with one-to-one clients and sporting bodies with people who want to perform better, feel better and healthier.

We work with individuals, groups, and from elite to recreational, in a range of different sports and to do in a friendly supportive way. Email us your story and we will see if we can help.

Dr Helen Lane has a PhD in attitudes to eating among exercisers. She has authored several articles including the commonly used measure of mood called the The Brunel Mood Scale and a version of the Eating Attitude Test.

We are both runners. We ran the London marathon in 2015 as “good for age runners”

Helen ran 120km at the “Thunderun” 24-hour event in 2015.
Dr Helen Lane
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