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This blog only started in October 2017 so it’s early days. It has posts on running, cycling and fitness. There’s also race reviews and articles on running, training, fitness and nutrition.

The blog is called Gollum’s Blog because like Gollum, I have two voices in my head, one that tell me “I should go for a run” and the other voice that always says “I hate running and don’t want to go”.  I do say to my friends that I hate running, but I feel so good after a run, I keep running.

I love parkrun and if I can borrow a dog to run it with, even better. I’ve been doing parkruns since 2012. I’m a mediocre runner 5km times are usually around 25-26 minutes at the moment. I have completed longer events in the past included marathons and even got ‘good for age’ for the Virgin London Marathon. The secret to that is being old.