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The 7 Most Common Running Injuries

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1. Runners Knee:

This is also known as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS). It is when the Patella tracks out of alignment.

  • Occurs in twice as many women as men
  • Pain behind or around patella centre, may have cracking , and feeling the knee give way.
  • Hills, steps, hard uneven ground, steep camber on road may aggravate it.
  • Weak Quads and tight calf and hamstrings are sometimes a factor.

To prevent it.

  • Cut back mileage, increase mileage by no more than 10% a week when better.
  • Wear good shoes and have gait checked
  • Strengthen Quadriceps and stretch hamstrings and calfs.
  • Exercise: Straight Leg lifts, Light Squats, Pilates.
2. Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITB Syndrome) Pain and Swelling on the Outside of the Knee.

It occurs when the IB , the ligament than runs down from the hip to the shin, get tight and inflamed, from rubbing on the femur. An MRI would show thickening of the band.

  • Rest from running immediately otherwise it can become chronic and Ice area.
  • Strengthen Core, Back, Tums, Bums. (Pilates)
  • Other exercises, step downs, side-lying raises, lateral side step, 1 & 2 legged squat
  • Return to running building distance & speed gradually.
  • Shorten Running Stride
  • Run on even surfaces not on the steep camber of the road, avoid running on concrete.
  • Don’t wear heels, flip flops, thongs, and handles.
3.. Suprapatellar Bursitis (Pain in front of the Knee)

4. Housemaids Knee (Pain in front of knee)

5. Deep Infrapateller Bursitis (Pain inside the knee)

6. Arthritis (inside knee).

The majority of people over 50 years of age have mild Arthritis but do not feel any pain.

7. Quadriceps Expansion Syndrome (In front of the Knees)

8. Hhhhhh

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