I was born in New Zealand and I’ve been running on and off for most of my life. When I was 7 years old I was reluctantly dragged to our local running club along with my sister when because my mother thought it would be good for me and she wanted to run. In the early 1970’s my mother was the only women in New Zealand to run marathons. I have quite a few memories of my Dad driving around a marathon in the car and my Brothers, Sister and myself shouting out the window “Come on Mum”.

I escaped N.Z., when I was 20 years old, worked in Australia and travelled to England via Asia. I spent about 3 years in London working before doing a Degree in Sports Studies at West London Institute of Higher Education (now Brunel University), then a MSc in Sports Science while working as a Lecturer at West Thames College (formally called Hounslow College) later I completed my PhD in Sport & Exercise Psychology in Wales.

I married my husband Andy on 30th of December 1994 😃🍷 We have two grown up children and two Ragdoll Cats. I would love a dog too but my husband won’t let me get one. I’ll wear him down eventually.

My husband is also a runner. We ran the London marathon in 2015 as “good for age runners” where Andy completed his first sub 3 hour marathon. Both of us have run over 300 parkruns. and one Ultra Solo which was the “Thunderun” 24-hour event in 2015 but usually we do those type of events in a team.

I’m hoping this website will be of interest to others and will motive me. I will put links to articles, links to videos; some by world leading authors and page on psychological training techniques such as imagery, anxiety regulation, and information and resources for people wanting change their habits, healthier, move more often, enjoy life more.


Dr Helen Lane PhD in attitudes to eating among exercisers, authored several articles including the commonly used measure of mood called the The Brunel Mood Scale and a version of the Eating Attitude Test.