Book Review: Run Through Barriers by Clint Adam Lovell

This is a book that will inspire you to run and it’s such easy reading. Any runner or even someone who is thinking of giving running a try would enjoy reading it. I know I need all the inspiration on offer because running isn’t alway easy for me. I’ve been running for years, BUT even though running makes me feel good, gives me a sense of achievement, keeps my body strong and lean enough to eat cake and ice cream without any guilt I still really, really have a battle with myself to get out the door for EVERY RUN, not just some runs. I don’t ever really feel like going for a run, but based on thousands of previous experiences I know it will be fine, I just have to get through the initial 5 minutes of discomfort. That is how it is for me and it probably will always be like that, but after every run I feel I have achieve something no matter how far or fast I’ve run. I loved reading about inspiring people in this book, they are people who have obstacles like all of us and have overcome them.

The first part of book will fill you with inspiration to get started and continue running. It is full of inspirational stories from people who overcome their own barriers to run and who are achieving some amazing challenges. Among them are Ais North who despite being in her 70’s hasn’t let Heart Attack’s or Cancer get in the way of doing Ultra marathons; Eileen Noble one of Britain’s oldest marathon runners, who took up running at the age of 50; Roger Wright who has battled obesity and run over 66 marathons in 11 years. The book shows that most barriers can be overcome, by exploring simple methods to challenge, remove and replace common barriers with positive actions and make running a sustainable part of everyone’s everyday lives.

The second part of the book gives you the knowledge to continue running and achieve your goals. It focuses on training the body, ad includes running plans that will take you from a beginner to achieving your goals to a 5, 10, half and further. The book sets out 7 rules or guidelines which help create a lasting running training program so you place into a routine which will fit into your lifestyle with a flexible structure that can move and adapt. I’ve integrated all these rules/guidelines into my training and they have helped me maintain a run streak. I’ve run 240+days plus at the moment and I’m still going. I have never found it easier to enjoy running than at the moment.

I brought the Kindle version of the book which cost less than a coffee and cake. Well worth it.

Clint Adam Lovell: Author of Run Through Barriers

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