Hayley Carruthers Amazed at her Success at the British Athletic Championships

Hayley said “Watching yesterday’s race back, it doesn’t seem real to be given the opportunity to run with the best British 5,000 metre runners on home turf but THEN to come in the top 10 (and laughing with you, see above).”

After coming 9th modest Hayley joked by saying “not bad for a marathon runner.”

She is a local athlete who runs for Birchfield Harriers and is coached by Dan Robinson and takes Sports Psychology advice from Prof. Andy Lane at Wolverhampton University where she works full-time.

Hayley was supported yesterday by family (below is her sister) and friends

Hayley has a very balanced approach to running. She runs and has volunteered at parkruns and said “I’ve even roped my Dad into volunteering. Hayley has also inspired her sister to start running.

Hayley has been very active in supporting several charities including a Children’s Hospice and PROUD.

Hayley has been running for only around 3 years. You may remember Hayley from the Virgin London Marathon in April. Good Luck Hayley for your future races.

4 thoughts on “Hayley Carruthers Amazed at her Success at the British Athletic Championships

    1. I skim read them, sometimes I do read them I n more detail, and love the photos. I follow a lots of running, cycling and N.Z. Blogs. I do the same with them all. Skim and look at the photos and sometimes Tweet them on @RunHelenLane


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