Runs are more enjoyable with Aeropex Headphones.

I can only say these headphones are amazing. They are easy to charge, download must so easy, fantastic sound quality. This is the second pair of wireless headphones I’ve owned but these ones are such an improve from my last ones. They have a 8 hour playing time which is great. I also found it funny in the gym when I left my phone on the treadmill and went to do my sit ups about 20 metres away and the sound was still perfect.

All the colours look great but I like black, so mine is black.

I was excited when these came through the post and couldn’t wait to use them. I’m not good with anything technical so I was also thinking this is going to take a while to learn to charge the headphones, download music, sync headphones etc., but it couldn’t of been easier to set up, charging the battery was quick, turning it on off was easy and working the Bluetooth was fine. They are 100% waterproof but are designed for the outdoors. I’ve found it does make running and exercise more enjoyable with these.

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