The Prudential Ride 100 & Ride 46

Saturday after Chasewater parkrun we quickly showered and rode our cycles to Lichfield Trent Valley Railway Station. We managed to get seats the whole way to London and in under 2 hours we were at Euston Railway Station. The next section of the journey was to cycle 800 metres to Kings Cross and one change to get to the Excel Centre to pick up our numbers. It would of been easier without a cycle but it actually went quite well.

It was nice to get our numbers and a free water bottle. There were lots of stalls selling cycle equipment for the serious cyclists. I had entered for the 100 mile but due to my poor fitness I did the 46 mile.

We then got on the train again and finally got to our accommodation in Bow. We had booked it with Air BnB. I was tired at that point and got a bit worried that there was every number in the crescent except our number…..number 1 and the host of the property wasn’t there. Anyway to our relieve he came and was friendly, the accommodation wasn’t the Ritz, it was an ex-local authority flat, but we didn’t pay much so we were happy. After a small rest we were off for Food & Pub.

The next day we both had fairly late starts so it was an easy cycle to the Start. Everything seem to go fine other than in the short 2 miles there my husband got a puncture.

I saw lots of people on side of the road and apparently there were quite a few crashes but I got to end o.k., where my husband had finish earlier, even though he started later. There was only one hill in the 46 which was at Wimbledon so a perfect event for a beginner.

We had a great day. It was such a good choice to do the 46 miler as we weren’t too tired to cycle back to Euston and then catch our train back to the Midlands.

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