February 2019 New Zealand holiday: parkruns and walks

Time to escape the British Winter again and try a few parkruns and walks in New Zealand again. We flew into Christchurch and out of Auckland as we were short of time. We had a day at the Zoo, day at Quake City (a small museum of the Christchurch Earthquakes). We spent everyday also walking. The photo above is the Crater Rim in the Port Hills near the sign of the Kiwi. It’s only a 15 minute drive out of Christchurch and has walks from 1-3 hours around it. The cafe there is great, lovely cold drinks iced coffee etc and vegetarian food.

After 4 days in in Christchurch we ran the Foster parkrun just south of Christchurch before flying to Wellington at 11am. It’s quite good that parkrun’s start at 8am as it wasn’t too hot.

eWe also did a mid week 5km in Wellington.We did quite a lot of walking in Wellington too. There are a lot of 3-4 hour walks including: The Red Rocks (Seals visit in the spring months), Mt Victoria, Mt Albert, The Brooklyn Turbines and loads more.

……and we swam a couple of mornings.

Another parkrun….this time the Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun (50miles NE of Wellington). It is still a fairly new parkrun with 45 finishers on the day we ran it. My husband stormed through in 3rd place!

The following day we both did the Round the Bays Races in Wellington. My husband did the 10km and I did the half marathon.

It was a lovely warm day and a really, really enjoyable event. I was a bit unfit and so must of been a bit tired because I tripped with about 5km to go, I stopped and then walked..then continued running. There was a little blood but all was ok. It was lovely to see my husband waiting at the end.

……and there is always a reminder that there could be a disaster in Wellington. Those tsunami are everywhere.

Last 2 days and a night were in Auckland. We stayed in Kohimarama, near Mission Bay. It had the most beautiful beaches, weather, and food a perfect place for walks as you can walk all the way along the coast to Auckland City Centre.

Then it was time to fly back to the U.K. 😂

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