Athlete breaks record 1,800-mile run across New Zealand admits he hitched lifts in unsafe conditions.

I read about this amazing man from the Independent, by Peter Stubley. i understand totally why you would need to take lifts in certain sections of New Zealand as some roads are very, very dangerous. Perry Newburn, aged 64, attempted a record-breaking 1,800-mile run across the length of New Zealand but did admit he hitched lifts but only when faced with ‘totally unsafe’ conditions. Perry Newburn took 18 days and eight hours to travel the 1,800 miles from Cape Reinga in the north to the southern port of Bluff.

“There were parts of the run where road/bridge conditions were totally unsafe to run and therefore I made the call to be driven through these parts – these decisions were my decisions. “The traffic was the main culprit in these situations but there were some parts where road conditions were unsafe as well.”

He thanked everybody who sponsored his run and added: “Your support means the world to me. Take care all, stay well, keep exercising where possible and smile where able.”

Responses to the confession were overwhelmingly positive, with many praising his honesty and humility.

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