2nd December 2018: Free Public Talk and Q & A Session on the Psychology of Endurance Sport at Ulster University, Belfast.

There was a packed Lecture Theatre for this Event. This talk was a session where everyone from the general public could join in and ask questions. The talk discussed “why are there moments where we feel like we want to slow down when we do endurance sport?” and “what strategies can we use to overcome slowing down or stopping?” There were six academics/researchers, most who have had first hand experience of participating in endurance sport as well as two elite athletes, a marathon runner and a cyclist.

Below Gladys Ganiel (Marathon Runner)

It was interesting to hear the application of Sport Science Research to Sport. It gave an insight into the role of a Sport Psychologist and why they are invaluable when it comes to improving performance. It was also clear from the audience that they had a great deal of personal experience of Sport and had a lot to offer to academics and others in the room. This talk was very popular and prior to it, people on Social Media had express an interest in going to it, if it was closer to them. Perhaps it could go on Tour. Thank you to Dr Noel Brick (Marathon de Sable Ultra Runner),

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