Injured? It’s an opportunity to do a new challenge: The Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships.

Sometimes running injuries happen and you need to cut down on your miles or stop for a while. Rather than get frustrated because you can’t run like you did before, your approach should be “this is a great time to have a different challenge.” One of the challenges my husband set was to go in the Welsh Indoor Rowing Champions.

Entering in an event gave us an added reason to go to the gym. Indoor Rowing is becoming more popular too. There are Online Rowing groups for support that have weekly challenges and you submit you photo’s. You Tube video’s on techniques are also excellent. For me, I don’t take it seriously or do much training but it’s nice to do something different. Because there was only 3 people in my age group I got a Bronze Medal. 😂 My husband trained hard and beat other Rowers to gain a Bronze Medal.

The good thing about visiting Wales was that we could run another parkrun. We did Grangemoor parkrun. It was a lovely parkrun but as soon as we finished we walked back in time to ‘Weigh In’ and Row. It was a great day.

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