Boston UK Marathon: Sunday 15th May 2018

This was a great marathon. Not only is it flat and fast but you can say “I’ve done the Boston Marathon”. It’s very low key, it only has about 1500 runners in it. We did the beautiful Rutland parkrun, on the Saturday and then arrived at our hotel which was 400 metres from the start. At our hotel there was a get together of anyone who was running the next day. We chatted and met someone who came all the way from New York just to do the Boston Marathon. When we woke up the next day we walked out of our hotel 20 minutes before the start in our running gear, no bags. My husband ran with me again, he was a great windbreaker, although it wasn’t too windy. The locals also said we were quite lucky with the weather because it’s usually always windy. The marathon was hassle free. Perhaps it’s the easiest one too. An excellent one if you want to get ‘Good for Age’ in the Virgin London Marathon.

It was great to have someone to run with and to get our Medals and Boston Finishing Shirts.

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